Oakland Venue Management works hard to incorporate the needs of the entire community into our operations model. It is clear that the success of any venue or event is improved when the time is taken to engage with the community and to be inclusive. We pride ourselves on being an innovative and collaborative leader in providing full-service venue and event management services.

The success of any venue is predicated upon the value it brings to its community.

At its core, venue management is tied to its ability to create and curate spaces; placemaking.

We are actively seeking clients with special event venues in the East Bay and surrounding areas. Our team will visit your facility to assess and discuss how we can help transform your space and make it an asset to the community. Our focus on place and space partnered with full-service management of venue operations, allows us to help you capitalize on your investment and to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Schedule a time to discuss how we can maximize your space to its full potential.



Oakland Venue Management has produced around 4,000 events over the last 15 years in Downtown Oakland, and are confident that we can play a critical role in the successful execution of your events.

We specialize in full-scale production management and treat each event as a unique opportunity to revitalize our community. Our team supports a variety of private, public, and local organizations; small and large-scale venues; and local event producers in achieving their vision.

Our one-of-a-kind approach with full-service event management and community engagement allows for seamless execution and meaningful impact at your events. We create awe-inspiring experiences every step of the way.

There’s no better time than now to create a collaborative, innovative and inclusive event in Oakland.


Oakland Venue Management is your local partner for all your event production needs, offering a full range of state of the art digital equipment for live event AV production. Let us provide the right support, equipment, and technology for your next event.

We have created turn-key AV packages for your corporate events, band, or DJ so that your events run seamlessly from beginning to end. Our new live streaming service brings your next conference or presentation directly to an online audience.

Our team will meet you on-site to provide a one-on-one consultation regarding your event’s production needs. We’ll work with your venue to coordinate load-in schedules, bring in our AV equipment and our staff to fully produce your presentation.

Every event is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, make the most of capturing your next event with our live event production solutions. We are ready to help bring your vision to life!